Our primary focus is to provide personalized, prompt and affordable appliance repair service to the residents of Canton and the surrounding North Atlanta Metro Area.We strive to be a reliable local service provider that you can rely on when your appliances are in need of repair. Building relationship with our customers is our priority. Your satisfaction is our most important goal!

Refrigerators / Freezers

Dealing with refrigerator repair can be complicated. Regardless of refrigerator model, brand or design, our appliance repair experts have the skills and knowledge to service your unit. Once the problem and the parts needed for repair are identified, the technician can proceed to the next level of replacing broken elements, and restoring the unit to its working conditions.

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Ice Makers Repair

Ice maker not working? You can be a little baffled when faced with a need for ice maker repair.  

But now all it take is to lift a phone and call 678-744-4471 for Good Hands Appliance Repair technician to be on the way.

A friendly dispatch will book an appointment with our service technicians to check your appliance within one business day. For the most cases, our technicians are equipped to complete the job during the initial service call.

Good Hands Appliance Repair is trusted name in appliance repair business for.

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Dishwashers - one of the most important appliances in a household.

More and more people give  their preference to dishwashing machine over traditional (manual) dishwashing, for its comfort and quality of end results. It does not matter what manufacturer, quality or functionality of your dishwasher. Any household equipment will need servicing and periodic quality check up.

Likewise any dishwasher will need a service and timely maintenance since very often the root problem is not visible and hidden in the mechanism.

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Washers / Dryers

Washers / Dryers repair

Washer break down can be rather depressing incident.

It is hard to imagine our lives without a washing machine. They assist every family, saving our valuable time.

If you notice any of the following malfunctions in your washer, perhaps it is time to call appliance repair specialist:

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