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All you need is to call 678-744-4471, and our dispatch will book an appointment with our service technician to check your appliance within one business day. For the most cases, our technicians are equipped to complete the job during the initial service call.

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01 For same-day repair on your microwaves, call 678-744-4471

02 Each customer, who calls Good Hands Appliance Repair, can rely on quality, integrity, and courtesy of our personnel.

03 Warranty. We always give a full one year warranty

Microwave Repair in Atlanta Area

Many of us can not even imagine a life without the comfort of using a microwave. This familiar appliance allows us to warm our breakfast in the morning, or to take care of our lunch in the office. They surely help to cook a lot of amazing dishes. But this remarkable machine, as well as other household appliances, may also suffer from malfunction in time.

If find your favorite microwave not working properly, or showing any sings of breakage, do not worry! We have professionals who can fix nearly any problem. Do not attempt to repair microwave by yourself (under any circumstances), unless you have appropriate education and experience. Out of all kitchen appliances, microwaves are most dangerous to disassemble without proper training; you can receive a serious electric shock, even when it is unplugged. Do not risk your own life. Call our technician 678-744-4471, and soon your microwave will work like new.

Microwave Maintenance Tips To Extend Its Life.

Microwave is probably world’s favorite type of appliances. It works by utilizing radio waves and does not add anything to the food. Microwaves come in two types: counter-top or built-in. It easily handles warming, cooking, and defrosting our food, saving us a valuable time. Use your microwave oven properly! Here are some tips on how to use your microwave to avoid its failure:

Never operate the microwave when it is empty!

  • Do not cook food in a metal bowl, because micro radio waves can not penetrate metal objects.
  • Do not leave kitchen accessories made of metal, such as forks, spoons in the oven when it is operating: it may cause its failure.
  • Do not use the plates with metal trim: it may cause a damage to your appliance.
  • Do not heat any liquids if they are hermetically sealed, sausage in sealed plastic, canned foods, and raw eggs. Due to a high pressures, the items may explode. To warm up the liquids, use containers with a wide neck.

It is safer to use cooking utensils made of glass, porcelain, ceramics, earthenware or (microwave safe) plastic, since they allow for electromagnetic waves to pass thought the item.

You need to know that the effectiveness of the microwave oven can be improved by regular cleaning. Do not use abrasive materials and sprays to clean the interior walls, which can damage the interior surface. Clean them with a soft sponge or cloth, you can use soap, and then dry well the clean surface. A hard to wash grease and dried food can be easily removed after boiling water in a microwave for 5 minutes. Be careful not to spill any water in a central hole, when cleaning the bottom of an oven.

You must disconnect the microwave from power supply (without opening the door) if it starts sparking inside or setting food on fire. Do not overheat the food to avoid inflammation.

But no matter what is the case, Good Hands Appliance Repair technicians will always help you to repair microwave oven right at your home. We repair microwaves of all popular brands and models. To replace broken microwave parts, we use only original parts recommended by the manufacturer.

So, let us help you!

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Sally, Canton

For same-day repair on your Ovens repair, call 678-744-4471