Refrigerators / Freezers

Dealing with refrigerator repair can be complicated. Regardless of refrigerator model, brand or design, our appliance repair experts have the skills and knowledge to service your unit. Once the problem and the parts needed for repair are identified, the technician can proceed to the next level of replacing broken elements, and restoring the unit to its working conditions.

To end your “refrigerator struggles” call 678-744-4471, and a friendly dispatch will book an appointment with our service technician to check your appliance within one business day. For the most cases, our technicians are equipped to complete the job during the initial service call.

Good Hands Appliance Repair is trusted name in appliance repair business. For seven years, we have been serving great Atlanta area: Canton, Woodstock, Acworth, Marietta, East Cobb, West Cobb, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Johns Creek, Smyrna, Dallas, Powder Springs, Hiram, White, Kennesaw, Ballground and Cartersville.

Refrigerator not working? Have to throw away a meal just prepared? “Delicate” aroma from perishable products hover around the kitchen?… Let us help you. Call our technician 678-744-4471, and soon your refrigerator will work like new.


01 For same-day repair on your Refrigerators or Freezers, call 678-744-4471

02 Each customer, who calls Good Hands Appliance Repair, can rely on quality, integrity, and courtesy of our personnel.

03 Warranty. We always give a full one year warranty


It is so easy to have a professional technician from Good Hands Appliance Repair at your home. Simply dial 678-744-4471, tell our operator about your refrigerator problem, leaving your address and a phone number to locate you. The technician will come at appointed time. He will diagnose and identify the real cause of appliance failure. Our intention is to quickly and effectively respond to every service call we receive. We strive to be a reliable local service provider that you can trust. Building relationship with our customers is our priority. Your satisfaction is our most important goal!

Call our technician 678-744-4471, and your refrigerator will live a full life again.

Here is why you can trust Good Hands Appliance Repair, when it comes to refrigerator repair:

  • We work according to the highest quality standards.
  • We really can repair refrigerators of most popular brands and models.
  • We do not hide our prices, there is no extra pays. the technician will proceed only with your full consent.
  • You do not have to take broken refrigerator to a drop off location, we can fix it on site.
  • Each customer, who calls Good Hands Appliance Repair, can rely on quality, integrity, and courtesy of our personnel.

With Good Hands Appliance Repair, you can expect to:

  • Save your time searching for DIY repair parts;
  • Save your time and money looking for refrigerator replacement;
  • Save your finances on a competitors service, since our prices are significantly lower than the market averages;
  • Save your valuable time and resources for those who mostly deserve it - you, your family, and your friends.

For same-day refrigerator repair, call 678-744-4471. We service all popular brands of refrigerators.

Common Refrigerator Failure Symptoms:

  • Not cooling or cooling is poor
  • Stopped working completely
  • Refrigerator is noisy
  • Refrigerator leaks
  • Freezer compartment is icing up
  • Food in refrigerator freezes
  • Water drips inside of refrigerator
  • Refrigerator never cycles off
  • Ice maker has problems
  • There is an ice- or water- dispensing problem

Freezer Repair

Freezer may have similar to a refrigerator failure symptoms. Freezer repair may involve replacing or fixing a broken compressor, handling a faulty condenser, replacing a metering device, or an evaporator. But no matter what is the cause of the problem, our trained technicians can diagnosed and take care of it. We can service and repair all popular models of freezers in accordance with manufacturer requirements and recommendations.

Now if your favorite food saving appliance is out of order, instead of buying a new freezer, call Good Hands Appliance Repair to save your money and valuable time. Our friendly dispatch will take your information and schedule an appointment for you.